Our Story

Established in 1997, Oceans North Seafood has been under the direction of the Keenan family since 2016. Prior to takeover, the Christchurch based wholesaler made its mark on the hospitality industry supplying highly demanded seafood to top end eateries.

Building on this foundation, new owners Bruce and Lisa Keenan have successfully diversified the operation, which features: a dock to door delivery service for kiwi homes and businesses; an easy to use online marketplace and traceability service; and an enlarged selection of regional and international speciality products — available at the touch of a button.

Our Mission

Ensuring deliciously fresh and frozen, sustainably harvested seafood hits the plate at the right time is a true labour of love.

Our goal is to make the purest and most coveted seafood species accessible to all New Zealanders, with exceptional speed and impeccable service.

Our Product Range