About Us

We are not just another seafood company because we care.

Consistantly leading the way with high quality products is just one part of being unlike anyone else. And it’s one of the ways that we stay ahead. It’s about seeing food differently.

We are a privately owned business. Since it’s inception Oceans North Seafood has grown in size and variety of products offered and has become one of the leading fresh and frozen companies in New Zealand.

Our success can be measured in loyalty, at the heart of loyalty is the trust established when our customers have confidence in the quality and integrity of the products they receive from us. To establish long term seafood programmes, broadening the line for distribution nationwide and fulfilling our customer requirements... we view our customers as partners.

Oceans North primary distribution centers are in Christchurch and Auckland. Which enables us to move product quickly to all points around the country both fresh and frozen.

Oceans North Seafoods was established in 1997, originally selling Clevedon Coast Oysters in the South Island. It was formed through a partnership of Brian Daniels and Graeme Harris, and joined in 2007 by fellow director Alan Daniels. The company continues to grow and evolve as a company creating ever changing opportunities through demand, sourcing, supply. All three Directors are involved in the day to day running of the business, with a hands-on management style.

The product range now encompases a very wide range of products built around high volume, highly demanded seafood products. Complimented by regional and seasonal specialties. The quality of the seafood is a result of careful attention to harvesting and handling.

The care an attention that the three Directors provide to Oceans North Seafoods allows the focus of the company to remain fixed on the freshness, taste, quality and service of its products.