Battered Blue Cod - Southland, New Zealand

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Freshly Frozen New Zealand Battered Blue Cod

Straight from the cool waters of Southland, cut and battered by hand to make sure every piece is of the highest quality. Come in handy 5kg packs Individually frozen and layered.

There is nothing like the old New Zealand Favorite. Place your battered blue cod deep in hot oil and leave until batter has gone crispy golden brown. Serve up with a variety of things such as warm potato fries with a dollop of tartare sauce or a yummy crisp salad or add to a platter of seafood goodies.

The choice is yours with this product.

Battered Blue Cod: 36-39 IQF Pieces per 5kgs


Code Product Description Ctn Weight Packaging
H3000 Battered Blue Cod 5kg Box 36-38 Fillets per ctn

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