Environmental Responsibility

Our Values

Our Preferential suppliers share our sustainability values and visions so that New Zealand seafood can be enjoyed for generations to come.

New Zealanders love seafood and we love serving the Kiwi taste for our ocean’s bounty. But without proper protections, future generations may not have the luxury of dining out on this precious — internationally recognised — resource.

Quality assurance for Oceans North Seafood is not just about freshness and taste — it’s also about quality of life and environment. That’s why we source our diverse range of seafood from companies that safeguard marine habitats through sustainable fishing practices, adherence to strict national quota rules and conservation efforts.

How can we tell? We visit and review every one of our renowned fishing locations, personally, ensuring things like water quality, growing environment, and processing meets our strict standards. This includes the health and safety of fishermen/women and the welfare of local fishing communities.

Our preferential suppliers

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon/Aoraki Salmon - https://alpinesalmon.co.nz/responsible-farming/

Clevedon Coast Oysters - https://clevedonoysters.co.nz/about/

Chatham Island Food Co - https://chathamislandfood.com/pages/our-catch

Fiordland Lobster Company – https://www.lobster.co.nz/responsibility/sustainability/

New Caledonian Paradise Prawns - https://www.sopac.nc/en/nature/

Our range