Salmon Savoring Experience Box (Chilled)

Salmon Savoring Experience Box (Chilled)


- 1 x Chilled Mt Cook Alpine Salmon Fillet (Skin On, Bone Out)
- 1 x Mt Cook Alpine Salmon Soy Sauce Range

Experience tasting the difference of freshwater salmon with three bespoke soy sauces created to compliment its subtilties.

Choose 3 of the soy sauces (see below) specially made to complement the subtlety of New Zealand's finest freshwater salmon.  Please specify which 3 sauces you would like in your order notes!

Tosa Sauce:- A fragrant and delicate Japanese style soy sauce. Inspired by traditional recipes from the province of Tosa on Shikoku Island. Its subtle taste is perfect for accompanying sashimi and sushi or can be used on grilled salmon.

Ponzu Sauce:- A tangy citrus soy sauce which is aromatic and refreshing. A light combination of yuzu, shoyu and dashi creates a finely balanced sauce. It will add some zest to salads, sushi or sashimi. It can also be used as a marinade or dressing for salmon and chicken.

Teriyaki Sauce:- A light sweet soy glaze used in the last stages of cooking. This version of a traditional sauce is enhanced with the addition of mirin and sake. It has a gentle character that is neither too sweet nor overly salty. Use on the BBQ or when grilling or stir-frying salmon, chicken or vegetables.

Poke Sauce: - A palate pleasing blend of chili and sesame, this soy sauce is inspired by the traditional Hawaiian sashimi sauce.  This spicy, savoury and sweet blend enhances the subtle clean taste of salmon and can also be used as a table sauce, dip or as a dressing for salads and noodle dishes.

Please read our delivery details before placing an order..

Delivery details

Please read our delivery details before placing an order..