New Zealand Scampi

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Scampi can be served with many kind of dishes, and can be used in a wide variety of menus. Scampi is also ideal for function menus & hors d oeuvres as only a short cooking time ensures the sweet & rich taste is retained. Scampi has a white flesh that is very sweet.

Has a length of 25-30cm overall and weights up to 120g. Available in different sizes.

Scampi Sizes
No 2 (11-15 per kg /2kg Carton)
No 3 (16-20 per kg/ 2kg Carton)
No5 (30+ per kg/ 2kg Carton)
Ungraded Scampi Tails 4kg Box

Code Product Description Ctn Weight Packaging
SC1410 Scampi No 1 2kg ctn U10
SC1420 Scampi No 2 2kg ctn 21/30 per kg
SC1450 Scampi No 3 2kg ctn 31/41 per kg
SC1400 Scampi No 5 2kg ctn 25 per kg
SC1500 Scampi Tails 4kgs

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