Blue Swimmer Crab Meat - White Lump

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Just imported into New Zealand for Oceans North Seafoods.

We have 2 types of crab meat available we have:

Claw Meat which is meat taken from the claw and leg of the crab and swimming fins of the crab, it has a slightly stronger flavour, It is a brown meat flavour and is ideal for pastas, Crab Cakes, Soups, with whole leg meat on the top.

White Lump Meat, Broken Jumbo Lump and other chunky body meat, delicious sweet taste, it lends itself quality crab cakes, casseroles, Salads, Crab Balls, and can be used for stuffing fish, chicken, vegetables or seafood.

This delicious hand picked crab meat comes in a 454 gram tin, and the refrigerated shelf life unopened is 12 months and 48 hours when opened. The Blue Swimmer Crab Meat has been pasteurised under strict quality controls and is HACCP certified and EU approved. This product is a sustainable product and is available 12 months of the year.

Code Product Description Ctn Weight Packaging
CB1004 Blue Swimmer Crab Meat - White Lump 450gm Tins Sold Per Tin

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