Blue Swimmer Crab Meat - Claw

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Blue Swimmer Crab - claw meat is one of the sweetest, tastiest meats available, Harvested by their professional watermen. The crab meat is traditionally handpicked to ensure the highest of quality. Our Blue Swimmer Crab is amongst the finest and is a treat that should not be missed.

Pasteurised Crabmeat, when refrigerated the shelf life unopened is 12 months and 48 hours when opened. The claw meat has been pasteurised under strict quality controls and is HACCP certified and EU approved. This product is a sustainable product and is available 12 months of the year.

Wild Caught
340gm (12oz) tins

Code Product Description Ctn Weight Packaging
CB1002 Blue Swimmer Crab Meat - Claw Meat 450 gram tins Sold per tin

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